About Us

We are a local Methodist Church, part of a wider family of Christian Churches in West Oxfordshire.

Jesus Christ who brings us to the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit, is the foundation of our life together.  High Street Methodist Church aims to be a church which is bringing Christ to our community abnd our community to Christ.  We want to be dedicated to the Lord Jesus, devoted to each other, determined to service our local community and to support our fellow Christians.

Methodists try to reflect in their lives the love that God wishes to share with all people.  In worship Methodists give thanks to God who loves us and has set us in this world of possibilities.  They give thanks for one another.  They pray that God will continue to sustain and enable everyone to live fulfilled lives.

Methodist worship is characterised by a lively tradition of hymn singing and a passionate regard for preaching the love and justice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Minister is  the Revd. Melanie Reed 

Revd. Melanie joined us at the end of September '14. 

She is the presbyter for High Street and Minister Lovell Methodist Churches.


High Street Methodist Church can offer you:

Worship throughout the week

Wide variety of events

Fellowship groups

Prayer groups

Coffee Bar open every day

Community organisations

Young people's activities and groups

Junior church

Creche on Sunday mornings

Rooms for hire

Ecumenical activies

and lots more.....

About Us
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