Messy Church




2nd Sunday August 2017

but 1st Sunday of the month from September 2017

in the Lower Hall

The first every Messy Church took place in 2004 in a chapel near Portsmouth.  They were hoping to share with people who sympathised with Church but whose needs weren't really being met by the Church.  Now there are messy Churches all over the world where people of all ages can come together to enjoy themselves whilst meeting and getting to know God.

So what is Messy Church?  Well, contrary to what the name might conjure up in your mind it's not about making mess!  At High Street there will be a Messy Church event on the second Sunday of each month 4-6pm.  As people arrive they will be welcomed and introduced to the theme of the day and encouraged to join in with some activities.  These activities will range in suitability for the physically active and energetic to the more quiet and relaxed; from the messy creative to the talented artist; something of every age and ability to share together.  Everyone will then join together for a celebration which could include storytelling or puppets, prayers, songs, dramas, dancing, quiet and noise.  We end our session by eating a meal together

But Messy Church doesn't end when the monthly event ends.  There will be homework to encourage us to continue our sharing and learning at home.  Also as time goes on there is a hope that those who attend each month will start to build relationships with one another and meet to have fun, support one another and learn more of God and Church in ways that are helpful and relevant to them.  This might not look like what we traditionally think of as Church but that's why it's called Messy.

If you'd like to know more, think you could join the team or invite people to come along, then please come and have a chat with me.  This is an exciting opportunity for High Street to share God's love with the people of Witney, make sure you don't miss out on the fun or Mess!

Deacon Ellie Griffin       01993 866695

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